Deep Swimbait Combo


Rod: Lew’s Team Custom Rose Series 7’6″ Swimbait 

Reel: Lew’s Super Duty 6.8:1

Line: 15-pound Seaguar Tatsu

Lure: Scottsboro Tackle 6-inch Swimbait on 1-ounce VMC Flat Shad

Why it’s a favorite: This combo has caught so many bass over the last two years. It’s never out of my boat. I fish it all year long. I have developed a feel for the swimbait on this setup, and I don’t want to change anything about it. The rod loads so well on the cast and on the fight, and I’ve swung a boat load of fish over 6-pounds on it. The 15-pound line helps me keep the bait down in current which can be important. I will sometimes go up on line size but smaller diameter line is the big advantage when throwing a swimbait out to 25-foot.

I usually start with the Scottsboro. But I also throw the Zoom Swimmer a bunch as well as the Megabass Spark Shad 7-inch on this combo as well as some other bigger swimbaits on weighted EWG hooks.

I think developing a real feel with a certain combo improves your fishing. Understanding everything the bait is transmitting to your line and rod is everything in fishing. I just feel so at home throwing a mid-sized swimbait on this setup.