Crossover rod


I would bill this as a crossover rod. It takes what guys know of conventional rods, and marrys it to a swimbait rod. How it feels, how it casts, how it fights will all feel familiar but scaled to fish larger lures. 

In my testing I did some deep cranking with the rod. I’m not saying I’ve unlocked something with this rod, but how far it can throw a Strike King 6XD or a Jenko CD25 is fairly silly. Heck, I even fished Chatterbaits and swim jigs on it because I wanted to see what the rod could do with small stuff too. I will have a couple for deep cranking no doubt. 

But day in and day out the Jenko Savant Swimbait rod has a small glide or a crankdown like the Bull Shad 4×4 tied on it.