Crazy sensitivity

falcon bass fishing rod

I’ve had a hard time describing this rod’s sensitivity to some of my buddies and colleagues. I’ve been bragging on it for quite some time but it’s tough to explain how much you can feel when you’re fishing with this rod. If you ever fish with a floating worm, I think this will get my point across: After you twitch your rod tip and let the worm fall on slack line, you’re able to feel the worm undulate as it falls through the water column. After testing hundreds of rods throughout the years, I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to experience that type of sensitivity.

The Falcon Cara Spinning Rod has also proven to be a really good wacky rig and shaky head rod. Whether you get bit on slack line or get a cold-water bite from a lethargic bass, you’re not going to miss bites with this rod. It might not be flashy with the all-too-familiar neon-colored blank we see these days, but you can feel just about everything when you’re fishing with it.