Cover and skipping

topwater bass fishing frog in water

On the flip side, it’s almost always best to go with a popping frog over a popper when fishing around cover. This is for the very obvious reason that a popping frog is far more weedless than a popper, which again has two treble hooks dangling down off of it. So when fishing around laydowns, in lily pads or through grass, a popping frog just does a better job of coming through the cover cleanly and makes for a more effective bait choice.

I also give the nod to the popping frog if I’m wanting to skip a bait under cover. Overhanging trees and docks create great cover for a popping-style topwater that mimics either a feeding or injured baitfish along the surface. Although a popper can be skipped a short distance with a lot of practice, a popping frog is far easier to skip further with less practice and it’s less likely to cause a catastrophe if it takes a wild hop up and into the dock or bush.