Contingency awards


The majority of the money won by Smith and other local pros doesn’t come from the tournament organizations and entry fees, but rather contingency and loyalty programs. You can make an extra buck or two by using just about anything these days. The overall purse can quickly grow if you’re in the right boat, pulled by the right truck, pushed by the right motor, looking at the right graph… you get the idea.

By using their products and registering for their programs, Smith is eligible for contingency awards offered by Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Toyota, Leer and T-H Marine.

“The ABA Opens pay better than anything else locally and even in those, if I win and get the guaranteed $5,000 for first, I’ll win another $8,000 or so in contingency awards alone,” Smith said. “And if the winner of the event isn’t eligible for the contingency programs, most of these companies will still payout a highest finisher award.

“Like with Triton Gold, even if I don’t win, if I’m the highest finisher in a Triton I still get $500. There are a lot of times I’m able to take advantage of that just by finishing pretty high and not even winning.”