Conical head shape makes a big difference


In addition to its conical head shape, the Advantage Swim Jig also has a flat spot on the bottom of its head. While it looks cool, this certainly isn’t for aesthetics. The combination of the head shape and its flat bottom make this swim jig track better than most I’ve fished. Whether you’re burning a White Shad-colored swim jig during a shad spawn in the morning or slow-rolling a darker swim jig in the afternoons looking for those bluegill eaters, this jig will absolutely not roll on its side. 

When a swim jig rolls on its side, it looks unnatural to the bass. But more importantly, it can significantly hinder your ability to get a good hook up. Whenever a bass eats a crooked-running swim jig, you’ll hook ’em in some really low-percentage spots, such as the bottom jaw. 

Because of its ability to track so true, I’ve had an incredible hookup ratio with the Advantage Swim Jig. All but a few have been hooked TDC (top-dead center).