bass fishing spinnerbait components

We always start with a lead head and wiring harness already assembled. That’s as bare bones as we go but you can pour your own lead heads if you’d like as well. To me, that’s taking it a step further than necessary and opens up room for much more error. You need molds, raw lead and some sort of heating element to melt the lead. To be totally honest, that seems like more trouble and money than it’s worth to me. On top of the added expense, you’ve now opened yourself up to misplacing the wire in the lead and having the spinnerbait run crooked from the start. Instead, we just order the painted lead head, hook and wire harness. All are already assembled together.

You’ll also need lots of little stuff such as beads, swivels, clevises, split rings and blades. We order all this stuff and the pre-made heads and harnesses from Jann’s Netcraft and to make it simple your first outing, you can just order an entire spinnerbait-making kit if you’d like. But we have specific skirts, heads and blades we use more than others.

One of the biggest expenses you’ll find are the swivels; a good roller and ball-bearing swivel is pretty expensive compared to the other components but it’s also critical to the performance of the spinnerbait. If your swivel is subpar, your blade won’t turn. It’s also important to realize that there’s a budget friendly workaround here, too.