Compact, Natural and Capable of a Lot


I’ve really enjoyed fishing this around cover in the late summer. I’ve caught fish on laydowns, stumps, and bank grass as well as open water schoolers. It’s only 3/8 ounce, but it casts like a heavier spinnerbait. I’ve lately been experimenting with adding belly weights to the swimbaits to get it down. I’m also going a little bigger (so I can put more weight in) and even experimenting with another little trick that I’ll share in a later article. 

But for now, the Gem Blade is a solid producer as is and has lots of options from there. They make a Gem Blade 2.0 that is a 5/16 ounce smaller profile spinnerbait/swimbait combo. They also make the Jolt X which is a combination between their awesome night time spinnerbait—The Jolt—and Gem Blade. Big Blades and nighttime colors available in the Jolt X. 

To find the Gem Blade from Jewel Baits, visit or