Compact and easy to store

Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL

The Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL isn’t very rigid, which means it’s fairly collapsible and easy to store whenever you don’t have your gear inside of it. You can fold it to roughly the size of a piece of notebook paper, so when it’s not in use you can keep in a boat compartment, your truck or in my usual case, my wife’s purse. We’ll hang out at the lake house on shore and right before we get on the boat, we’ll shove our stuff inside the bag. When we get back on shore, we’ll empty the bag, put the stuff bag in our pockets or bags and fold up the Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL and it takes up virtually no space.

Even when folded for an extended period of time, we’ve noticed absolutely no damage to the seams or integrity of this bag which is a big plus in our book.