Compact and convenient


A lack of mobility can drastically hinder your fishing success. I’ve harped on this for most of my career but as I mentioned earlier, I’m not the best example of it. Sure, you can throw some stuff in a sack and weed through it and probably make it through a fishing trip. But man, it sure is nice to have a compact tackle tray that you can always keep on standby.

I actually keep the Plano EDGE 3500 Box in the door pocket of my truck most of the time. It fits perfectly and if I’m in town and within a few minutes of my favorite pond, I’m ready for those quick, 10-minute fishing trips just to scratch the proverbial itch. This box is a perfect size to store my essential terminal tackle. 

Its compact profile also comes in handy when I hop in the boat with a buddy. I live about 300 yards from a very popular boat ramp so I’ll often get calls when friends are launching their boat for a quick evening session. Packing this box with the essentials and keeping it in my truck ensures that my buddies don’t have to wait at the ramp for me anymore while I frantically throw some tackle together. I can be there in just a few minutes without any stress to speak of.