Commit to it


If you want to develop confidence in a new bait, you can’t give yourself an out. Say you like to throw a small swimbait on a jighead but you really think those same suspended fish you target with it would eat a spybait as well, maybe even better. You can’t have both tied on. The temptation is just too great to pick up the swimbait again after five minutes of fruitless fishing with the spybait. You can’t give yourself that option if you really want to quickly develop confidence in a bait.

I would even go as far to suggest not taking anything else with you and I do mean “anything”. If you’re walking the bank, take just the bare essentials you need for that technique you’re wanting to work on. If you’re going in your boat, take everything else out. Leave yourself no plan B. I know this sounds extreme and it’s not something I’m suggesting you do on a regular basis. But when you have a bait that you really think could be a difference maker as an addition to your arsenal, it’s worth it to do this once in a while. You might actually find you don’t need to put near as much stuff back in the boat afterwards, which is a win-win in my book.