Comfort and castability


This has been one of the best-casting reels I’ve ever tested, to be quite honest. I spooled it with 15-pound line and have made it a point to use small, lightweight lures throughout much of my testing. I’ve spent extensive time fishing weightless soft plastics and smaller topwater plugs with the Lew’s Custom Speed Spool MSB Casting Reel and the results have been quite jaw dropping. 

I took this reel from the box and other than cinching down the drag, which I do with all of my casting reels, I did not touch the tension knob or external brakes. I needed to see how temperamental it is. As it turns out, I fired a 3/8-ounce topwater popper about 50 yards with essentially zero effort on my very first cast. There was no backlash to speak of, even in a stiff 15 mile-per-hour wind. After thousands of casts, I have touched the tension knob one time and I still have not experienced a single backlash to date. That may sound crazy to some, but it’s the absolute truth. 

You’ll notice that the worm gear is located quite a ways from the spool, which drastically cuts down on any friction as the line comes off the spool. In my opinion, that’s what helps it cast so far with such minimal effort.

As you can see in this photo, this reel is also quite comfortable and easy to palm. There are no uncomfortable ridges or curves, which results in zero hand fatigue after a long day of bass fishing.