The Doomsday Tackle Company “The 47” rods feature 8 bait casting combinations and 2 spinning combinations. From 6-foot, 10-inch medium power, moderate-fast action up to a 7-foot, 8-inch extra heavy rod for swimbaits and flipping or 7-foot, 11-inch deep diving crankbait launcher, The 47 rods covers most bass fishing scenarios well with a nice blend of power, taper and action to give you really good load on the back cast as well as lifting power for swinging fish into the boat. 

I have used the 6-foot, 10-inch rod to fish spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and even small swimbaits. I used the 7-foot medium light to throw square bills and flat side crankbaits around rocks and wood cover. I’ve used the 7-foot, 3-inch heavy and the 7-foot, 8-inch extra heavy rods to flip and pitch when the lake got flooded this year. I even spent some time walking the bank and flipping during high water flood conditions this winter and caught a bunch of big prespawn bass doing that. Catching big ones from the bank often takes a lot more horsing when the lake is flooded in the trees as there is so much cover and debris to fight the fish around and through. So that extra power was nice to really lean on fish and pull them through the cover. 

The 7-foot, 11-inch medium-heavy, moderate-fast power cranking rod will launch a Strike King 6xd or 10xd equally well. It really loads and unloads fluidly giving you a ton of distance on flowing transfer cast when trying to cover big expanses of water like deep ledges offshore