Colors, size and hooks

rear treble hook of topwater bass fishing lure

I quickly caught a few fish on the Spin Walker and they really annihilated it when they hit it. This struck me as a bait that would work really well around bream beds in particular because of its size at 4 1/4 inches. There are a couple color schemes that really mimic a bluegill well and the action looks like a struggling bream or bluegill on the surface. But there are lots of shad and other baitfish colors as well, so this bait would do a good job imitating any type of injured baitfish really.

The hooks on this thing are really nasty. They’re VMC Hybrid Trebles with a PTFE coating. They’re extremely sharp, have a nice bite to them and the PTFE coating means they’re super resistant to corrosion. I really, really like these hooks for a walking-style topwater this size. They do a good job of reaching out and grabbing a fish that’s just swiping at the bait and they really lock in.