bass fishing frog profile

There’s a pretty wide array of color choices in the Hop Walker Frog. My favorite is the Gill color that I personally tested out. It has a great color scheme to mimic a bluegill and even has little flakes of glitter built into the plastic to catch rays of light and create a super realistic representation of what the scales on a bait fish look like in the water. The Gill pattern in particular, and many hollow body frog colors for that matter, aren’t really intended to mimic frogs but small baitfish.

You see this too with the Shad pattern and solid White colors. But there are also some good frog colors like the Green Leopard and the Tan, as well as the gold standard straight black and even a couple colors that could resemble a duckling or other small bird in the Black and Yellow and Olive Chartreuse. A great variety for only 8 color choices, Savage Gear gives you something effective to imitate lots of different forage types.