front of topwater bass fishing lure

Yo-Zuri offers a nice range of 13 color choices in the 3DB Series Prop. There’s one solid color in their Bone pattern but most of their color choices have an internal 3D prism construction that uses mirrors to reflect light through their patented wave-motion ribbing that covers the surface of the bait. This really gives off a unique look in the sunlight and mimics what you’d see from the scale patterns on baitfish.

The Real Bluegill color pattern looks great if you’re wanting to fish around bream. While the Real Golden Shiner, Real Gizzard Shad and Real Blue Back Herring all do a good job of imitating the particular color patterns of their namesakes. Then there are several more bright color patterns like Prism Clown and Prism Fire Tiger, if you’re fishing in muddy water or low visibly due to cloud cover.