Color is a dead giveaway


Before you release any bass you catch, pay very close attention to its color. This is often the first clue you’ll get that lets you know you’ve got fish coming to you.

If the fish has very little color and a dull white hue to it, you’re dealing with a fresh fish that just moved up from its wintering hole. In that deeper and colder water, they don’t get as much light penetration which results in a whiter color. If you’re catching bass that have a vibrant, green color to them, you’re catching bass that have been shallow for a while which can mean you’re behind the game a little bit.

There’s nothing that gets me more excited than catching pale-colored bass this time of year. In my mind, it means there are a lot more big ones on the way. It also means that I can expect a consistent pattern for the next few weeks, barring any crazy weather fronts.