Closing thoughts

Jason NRX+ bass

I’m an enthusiast when it comes to bass fishing. It’s the hobby that I love the most and don’t mind spending a little extra to have some of the nicest gear offered because it’s the one thing I enjoy doing in my limited free time. I love to experiment with terminal tackle out of Japan, and I will spend a lot more money for a couple of good reels than buying 4 cheaper reels, because the higher end reels last longer and give me less fits. 

But I’m also conflicted in that I’m a bargain guy by nature. I drive a work truck as my every day vehicle because I got a great deal on work trucks with off road packages. I live in a modest house because we are simple folks and building a house for show always seemed like a shallow waste of money. 

But I also believe in spending money on the things that bring you the most enjoyment. So I don’t spend money on everything. But when it comes to fishing, I don’t mind investing in rods or reels that will last me 10 years if I take care of them. 

Sure, a golfer can hit a golf ball with the cheapest used clubs he can find, but there is just something more enjoyable about teeing off with a high end driver. I can kill a duck with my old Remington 870. But I just love shooting that Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus so much more. I can live off McDonalds, but when I’m vacationing in Florida, I much prefer fresh crab and scallops. 

So if you’re an enthusiast bass fisherman like me, and don’t mind paying extra to use the best tools made for your favorite pastime, then the G.Loomis NRX+ is worth a long look. They really are impressive designs and creations. 

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