Clearwater search bait and effective catcher


This weekend I was playing around with the settings on my Garmin Echomap Ultra units, getting them configured for fishing. I was also learning the nuances of my LiveScope setup. I’ve fished with Garmin Panoptix quite a bit with other anglers but was getting familiar with it all on my boat.

I was able to catch some bass out of brush I found. Then I started just scanning up and down banks looking for isolated suspended fish and seeing if I could catch fish I saw on the screen. With a jerkbait and a Squadron Head with a Rage Swimmer I was able to catch fish I was seeing on my screen relatively easily.

Like I said earlier, when you’re looking for patterns, getting acclimated to new technology or just trying to catch the most bass on any given day, having a staple you know they will bite if you get it close to them like I have with the Squadron Head and Rage Swimmer combination makes it a lot more efficient to catch fish.

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