Clean many fish on one charge


My favorite part of these newer lithium electric knives is that you can charge a couple of batteries and cut fish nearly through a whole season and not have to worry with charges all the time. I’ve cut a dozen or two crappie on 5 or 6 straight trips and still had charge left in the knife battery. The R12 HD Lithium knife gives you a ton of convenience because now I clean my fish at a portable fish station without have to worry with hook ups, etc and discard of my fish guts easily and quickly.

I personally have both a stand up fillet table and a large Rapala filleting board as well as a bucket that I carry with me or keep at the house. I often clean on the back of my tailgate, dump the guts in the bucket, get the fish washed up, clean up my mess and dump the guts in a garden or back in the lake at a fish cleaning station so I don’t stink up the trash.

This knife did heat up quite a bit while cleaning 25 crappie, but it didn’t affect performance of the knife, it wasn’t too hot to hold and the next time I filleted fish it was in perfect working order. I had seen people comment about the heat, but it hasn’t been an issue in my personal experience.