Clamshell packaging


Right away I was impressed with the hard plastic clamshell packaging of the 13 Fishing Big Squirm. Built-in action is so critical when talking about a big ribbon tail worm. Most of the techniques you’ll be using to fish one, especially in the summertime, require a very slow presentation. Typically I’m just dragging a bait like this along regardless of how I have it rigged. The reason being, the fish can get very lethargic in hot water. Especially hot, shallow water.

You don’t want to pop your rod and jerk the bait around a lot. You just want a nice, gentle and slow drag usually. Understandably though, that won’t create a lot of action unless the action is built in. But it doesn’t matter how well the worm is built if it is able to ball up and bend in the packaging.

Some companies have figured out how to package baits in soft plastic bags and still keep them relatively true to form. But by and large the easiest and most effective way to do this, albeit not the cheapest, is with a clam shell packaging like this. So kudos to 13 Fishing for going the extra mile there.