ChatterBait Mini Max

chatterbait mini max bass fishing lure

The ChatterBait Mini Max is one of my newest favorites from Z-Man. This is, once again, an improvement on the long-existing classic of the ChatterBait Mini. The Mini is a great bait that gets lots of bites and is an awesome bait for an angler fishing small waters for smaller fish on average, coming in at only $4.49. But for a few bucks more, the Mini Max offers the same bite-sized bait profile with beefed up components geared more towards big bites and tournament fishing.

Though it has a more traditional clip compared to the ChatterBait Custom, the Mini Max’s clip is still more stout than the old ones and more importantly Z-Man improved upon the larger downfall of the Mini—the hook. The Mini Max has a far superior hook as well as a molded-on bait keeper and a much better color selection, with matching skirts and paint jobs.

This bait has a blade about half the size of traditional ChatterBaits, which really puts it in a class all its own when it comes to a finesse bladed jig. I really like this one for those days when bass won’t quite get on a regular ChatterBait but I want a little more thump than a squarebill has to offer. The Mini Max falls perfectly between those two to offer a bait signature and a bait profile bass haven’t seen yet.