Centrifugal braking system


The most noticeably different design characteristic I’ve found with the VLD 10 lies within its centrifugal braking system, along with how you access it. To adjust the braking system, you must first remove the side plate. To do so, look under the side of the reel opposite the handle and you’ll see a toggle lever with the words “open” and “close” at either end. Toggle it to “open” and give the whole side plate a slight counter-clockwise twist and you should be able to lift it off.

Once the side plate is off, you’ll see a very simple system for adjusting the brakes. Simply position the control from 1 to 6 to determine how little or how much the braking system slows the reel down as the bait nears the end of its cast. Some braking systems are a good bit more complicated and I can never remember from one reel to the other what to do. With the VLD 10, you have 6 options contained in an easy to access, but also very protected area of the reel to assure you won’t accidentally bump the control and mess up the settings.