That’s right… the center. Way up under there, under the pontoon boat, around the boat lift and behind the dock float is where the biggest one is living most of the time. It’s no different than the nastiest tree or floating grass mat. That’s just where they live! Learning how to skip consistently will unlock floating dock fishing for you, especially on those bright, sunny days.

As a kid fishing on Lake Lanier, I’d take a spinning outfit with 10-pound test, a soft jerkbait or sinking worm rigged weightless and smack dock floats and boat motors until I got it down. That still happens now more than I’d like to admit, but simply put, it just takes practice and repetition with a low-to-the-water, smooth cast. But the important part to this is that’s where the darkest areas are which are indeed the best feeding locations.

In our world, the elder gets to sit at the head of the table and the biggest bucks get the prime feeding spot under the oak tree; it’s no different for bass. You have to put it where the big ones live and you’ll find whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the two baits mentioned above are some of the best for the job.

A more advanced caster may find success skipping a range of baits under there like swim jigs, soft swimbaits and even ChatterBaits with baitcasting gear. Once you’re ready for that, don’t assume you have to go with light tackle. Remember that it’s dark under there so even if the water is clear, I’m still slinging 15-pound line and even heavier in most cases.