Catches good ones


The Cane Walker has been a fun topwater for me the last two years. I have it tied it on a lot as I fish in the wind a lot. It walks big and boisterous and has caught me some good ones at a time when good bites can be hard to come by.

The Fusion 19 hooks on this 3-hook bait are sticky and keep fish buttoned up well. For $8, you can’t go wrong with this topwater. I like to fish it on 65-pound braid because I can throw it so far with a MH topwater rod and stick the fish at the end of a long cast. If I’m fishing in clear water, I will sometimes but a 20-inch leader of monofilament on it. That also will keep the bait off the braid too.

You can find the Berkley Cane Walker at the following online retailers: