Casting distance galore


When I say you can sling just about any type of lure a country mile with Sufix 131 G-Core, I honestly mean that. I don’t know how long a country mile is but man, anytime you can effortlessly hit your backing knot on a cast is pretty darn impressive.

Sufix 131 G-Core features a single strand of GORE Performance Fiber in its core. This strand creates a very round braided line which has resulted in insane casting distance throughout my testing.

I’ve found a few spots on my home lake that require a super long cast. The fish are back there. I can see them busting but I can’t get my 21-foot bass boat to them; it’s just too shallow. So I got a wild hair to rig up a medium-heavy casting rod with 40-pound Sufix 131 G-Core and a topwater frog. I normally don’t go that light when I fish a frog but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Long story short… I’ve caught some of my best fish of the year from those super-shallow areas because now I can finally get my bait to ’em. With very minimal effort, the smoothness of this braided line allows me to make bomb casts with my lures and the fish never even know I’m there. There’s practically no friction as the line makes its way through the guides which is a huge reason for the additional casting distance.