Carolina rig

Z-man ElaZtech carolina rig
The Carolina rig is another great presentation for incorporating ElaZtech baits like Z-Man’s StreakZ, ZinkerZ and FattyZ. The primary reason here is that these baits usually float, as long as you use a light-wire hook. With a Carolina rig, you have a weight, bead and swivel dragging along the bottom. Then there’s leader tied to the swivel with a hook and soft plastic attached to the opposite end of it. As the weight is drug along bottom, there’s a little silt cloud stirred up. This catches a fish’s attention and as the bass investigates, the soft plastic comes trailing along.
Now with ElaZtech baits that float, you’re able to elevate your bait up off the bottom a bit and get it into the line of site of a bass better, since their eyes are on the top of their heads. As you pull a Carolina rig along, the bait will ease back down to the bottom and then slowly float back up during the pause between drags. This will create a great attractant for a bass and present them with a bait they can’t miss.
Note: You may have to downsize your hook a little here or even use monofilament for your leader in order for some of these baits to float, as a heavy hook and fluorocarbon will counteract the buoyancy of the bait.