bass fishing hooks on cardboard

You can also use cardboard as another great way to organize hooks. If you look at the edge of a piece of cardboard, you’ll see a series of holes formed in the making of the material. Cutting out a small square or rectangle of cardboard gives you the ability to make a little card to hold your hooks. You can even label the card with the size and name brand of the hook, so when it’s time to restock you’ll know exactly which hooks to buy. Then simply place those cards in your terminal tackle box and you can keep your hooks orderly, and protect the hook points from bouncing around and dulling at the same time.

There are likely dozens of other ways to use cardboard as it pertains to fishing. I’ve certainly kept cardboard boxes around the shop so I’ll have places to store things and something to ship any old tackle in when I do a spring cleaning and sell some things. One other good use is to tighten up the lid of your terminal tackle box. If you’re using a simple 3700-style clear tackle box for your terminal tackle, you know that flipping that box upside down, even with the lid closed, will lead to a chaotic mess as hooks and other small components make their way into the adjacent compartments.

Try cutting a piece of flat cardboard slightly smaller than the lid of the box and then place this on top of all the compartments before closing the lid, This makes for a tighter seal over the little compartments and takes up the small space that’s created between the lid and the compartments in the inevitable instance the box is flipped over or turned on its side.