C-MAP Proven on Hot Fishing Spot


The biggest eye-opener for me with the Lowrance C-MAP Precision Contours was when I went over a place that I have caught fish on for years but didn’t really ever have an accurate map of the spot to look at. I had mapped it on my own by laying down waypoints on the key parts of it where the fish always got. 

When I looked at it on my old map, the waypoints seemed random. But when I loaded the C-MAP card in the first time, I was amazed to see how my waypoints laid perfectly on the deep edge of the point and the flat off the side of the point unmarked on other maps. 

The fish have not used this spot in years but now I can breeze over it in a few minutes and check for a school quickly. When you have 50 places like this mapped perfectly, you can fish a lot more efficiently and only spend time fishing the spots with actively feeding fish.