buzzbait for bass fishing sitting on dock

Another great bait for the immediate post spawn, a buzzbait is perhaps the best bait out there to cover shallow water during this time frame. The shad spawn is a big part of the period right after bass spawn and a buzzbait is a great lure to use to both find and capitalize on a shad spawn. By covering lots of water early in the morning with a buzzbait, you can often stumble onto a shad spawn and then load the boat quickly with a buzzbait.

But above and beyond the shad spawn, a buzzbait is just a great bait to cover water with, which suits it well for the post spawn as fish begin to wolf pack along the shoreline. After they come off bed, some bass will group up in small schools called wolf packs and roam the shallow shorelines in search of bream, bluegill and other prey. These schools will often be few and far between though, so having a bait you can cover a lot of water with is key and that’s where the buzzbait fits perfectly into the lineup.

With these four baits on deck, you’re ready to head out and search the shallows for big post-spawn bass. These bass are looking to feed up as they recover from the spawn and a glide bait, wacky rig, hollow body frog and buzzbait all work exceptionally well during this time period.

Remember, cover is key for some of these bass that choose to sit still and wait out a passing meal and all these baits can work well in those situations. But don’t be afraid to put the trolling motor on high either and cover water with a buzzbait, looking for shad spawns early and wolf-packing bass during the day. There are still a lot of big bass shallow for a few weeks after the spawn and one of these four baits will give you a good shot at catching a few.