buzzbait topwater bass fishing lure

In contrast to the frog and the prop bait, a buzzbait has to be reeled continuously. But there are times where this is the absolute deal early in the spring. If you find yourself fishing during a warming trend, where the daily highs and nightly lows are creeping higher and higher each day, fishing a buzzbait around shallow docks, grass and other cover is a great way to cover water and catch lots of fish as well as really big ones.

It’s typically best, though, to reel the bait just as slow as you possibly can while still keeping the prop turning when you first start throwing a buzzbait in the spring. But if the fish are telling you something else, don’t be afraid to speed up your retrieve a little. The faster you can fish, the more water you can cover. If you’re not having to just crawl the bait along to get bit, that’s even better.

Going ahead and having a topwater or two rigged up is a great idea in the early spring. Once the water temps get into the mid 50s, I’ll have one on deck just to keep the fish honest. Once the temps start flirting with the 60-degree mark, I’m really doing myself a disservice not to have one in the water pretty regularly. Topwater baits are great tools for locating fish and gauging their aggression level as the spawning process gets under way. Who doesn’t want to get a topwater bite as soon as possible after a long, cold winter?