Definitely still in the top-three night bite producers of all time, the buzzbait is another perfect bait to fish in the dark. For one, it takes a lot of the guess work out of it. It’s hard to see at night, obviously. But I state that simple fact to emphasize the importance of fishing with a bait you can tell is operating correctly without being able to see it. If you throw a buzzbait up by the bank and it doesn’t start off making the right sound, you know you’ve got a little piece of grass or trash on it and you can give it a twitch to correct it or just go ahead and reel it in and reset.

I’ve heard stories of my dad and uncle picking up a buzzbait at 7 p.m. and not putting it down until 7 a.m. the next morning, catching dozens of fish including some of the biggest of their lives. Naturally, those stories are probably a little embellished and, as is the case with most fisheries, the lakes where they used to do that get way too much pressure to do it to that extent anymore. But a bass is a bass… is a bass. What worked then still works now and putting a buzzbait in your hand and covering water will get you some bites at night.

Again, black is the deal. And again, you’ll want to target fish where you catch them during the daytime. One thing I will say though is that bluff-type banks or other areas with steep transitions fish a little different at night sometimes. The same fish you may have to fish for in 20 feet of water during the day will often make their way up those steep inclines to feed at night by the light of the moon. So buzzbaits and spinnerbaits work really well along those type areas up tight to the bank.