If you haven’t been on the water for a few days, it can be a little tricky to relocate fall bass. They become rather nomadic this time of year as they chase those migrating baitfish, so they can certainly move a surprisingly long way within a matter of hours. If you find yourself in this type of situation, a buzzbait is an outstanding tool to use. 

Buzzbaits give you the unique ability to quickly cover water while you’re searching for reaction bites. As you work your way down the bank, make long casts in front of your boat and reel just quickly enough to keep the buzzbait on the surface. If there’s a bass nearby, it will have a hard time resisting the constant clacking and squeaking. 

These lures can be especially effective when you’re faced with a fall drawdown, which is common on many reservoirs this time of year. As the water drops, crawfish that were once hiding around submerged rocks will scurry back down to the water and the bass know what’s up; they’ll sit in just inches of water and ambush those crawfish as they re-enter the water. A lot of times when you see fall bass nearly beach themselves attacking prey, they’re actually chasing crawfish, not the shad like many anglers believe. 

With that being said, don’t be hesitant to cast your buzzbait into super shallow water; it’s all about covering water and finding active fish quickly. Other high-percentage targets include boat docks (both floating and pier docks), isolated laydowns and rock transitions.