Building spinnerbaits and buzzbaits


If you’ve ever thrown a spinnerbait for long, inevitably one of the little beads used to separate your blades has made its way up and into the bend of the arm of the spinnerbait. Then you have to flex the arm and damage its integrity to get the bead back out. Well if you’re building your own or want to modify your favorite, just take the Decoy Versatile Keeper and run it up the arm above the rest of your beads and blade assembly.

You’ll still want a bead between the keeper and your first blade as the blade will spin better against the metal bead than the rubber keeper, but this is a great way to keep that little annoyance from taking place. This will also keep your blades from sliding up your spinnerbait arm and getting tangled in your line on the cast, another pet peeve of mine.

Likewise with buzzbaits, there’s usually a bead above the blade that will at times make its way above the bend. Just put one of these keepers above that bead and you’ve eliminated that issues as well.