Breathtaking sensitivity


I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever used the word “breathtaking” in a product review but whatever… I just did it. It’s the best word to describe my experience with these rods. 

I have used a lot of sensitive rods since I’ve been doing this for a living but the Cara series takes the meaning to an entirely different level. These rods are built with Fuji ECS reel seats which are widely regarded as some of the lightest and most sensitive reel seats on the market and when you fish with ’em, you can immediately tell a difference. 

Without any issue, you can feel very slight changes in bottom composition when you’re dragging a bottom-contact bait and you can also feel each movement your reaction lures make. If it skips a wiggle or gets mushy for just a second, you can detect it quickly and set the hook or snap your rod tip to clear debris from your lure.