Brandon Palaniuk

angler catching bass

Palaniuk is one of those dudes who’s simply due for a big win. He has the resumé and certainly has the experience by now to finally close the deal. For whatever reason, it seems like the bigger the stage, the more relaxed he becomes. He’s also an excellent angler when it comes to fishing clear-water fisheries and there will be plenty of that to enjoy on Lake Hartwell. There’s also a good chance of a vertical bite (if the warming trend doesn’t move ‘em too shallow) and as most of us know, he’s a handful when it comes to video-gaming ‘em with vertical presentations.

It’s also worth noting that the newly married Palaniuk is also expecting a baby this year… so maybe the stars will align and everything, both personal and professional, will go right for him this year. It’s crazy how stuff like that works.