Braided line straight to fluorocarbon


This is the setup I’ll probably use most often when it comes to power fishing a floating worm. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and it seems to be a really good option that provides several advantages.

I’ll use a 50-pound braided line (some folks prefer 30-pound braid) as my main line and connect a 17- or 20-pound fluorocarbon leader to it with a Two Uni Join Knot. The leader just about matches the length of my fishing rod.

Everyone likes different leader knots and to be honest, I’m sure they’re all just fine; I don’t get too carried away with all of that. The Two Uni Join Knot has never failed me and it seems to come through my line guides very well, so I’ve always just stuck with it. No matter what leader line you use, however, I’d caution you against setting the hook too terribly hard when you’re using this method.

In my mind, any leader knot is a potential point of failure, so I try to avoid those “snap” hooksets that we tend to make with slack line; it just seems like a lot of shock for such a small knot to absorb. Instead, whenever I get a bite, I’ll pull into the fish a bit more on tight line when I set the hook to lessen the potential shock.

This is an excellent option when you’re skipping boat docks and other wood cover because you don’t have to worry as much about braid digging into the cover. So if you’re just casually working down the bank and tossing at whatever looks good, I’d tend to lean more towards this method than any other.