Boat positioning and pursuit


This style of fishing has a very particular strike zone. These schools of bass will run right along the bank, so shallow at times their dorsal fins will stick up out of the water as they swim along. It’s a very visual style of fishing, where you’ll often be able to see the fish cruising along in a couple feet of water up to mere inches.

Knowing the strike zone is so shallow, you’ll typically want to parallel the bank, meaning you’ll want to keep your boat close to the shore and throw your bait straight down the bank. You’ll also want to keep a constant eye out, looking up and down the shoreline for any sign of fish making a wake, bait skipping along the surface trying to escape or the actual clear sight of fish in the water that you’ll see quite often.

The only real drawback to this style of fishing is that bass can be few and far between. You’ll experience hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer insanity. So one of the keys to this technique is covering a lot of water. You’ll want to have your trolling motor set somewhere between 50 and 70 percent a lot of the time and just keep cruising right along.

Obviously though, if you’re going to be covering this much water, you’ve got to have the right bait in hand. So let’s look at what baits are best for this style of fishing now.