Blade baits


This is one that a lot of people are familiar with, but dad and I just stumbled onto in recent years. But it’s already become a fall favorite. I had seen it in years past but made the ignorant assumption that any fish that would bite a blade bait would bite a lipless crankbait. I can tell you now, those two baits are not the same.

A blade bait differs in several ways. For one, there are no rattles. The only sound it gives off is through vibration. And that level of vibration can be adjusted on most blade baits by moving the line tie clip up or down a series of holes along the back. Move the clip forward, the bait is more subtle. Move the clip backwards, the bait becomes more aggressive with a harder vibration.

Since more vibration means more resistance, you’re also adjusting the speed at which the bait must be retrieved to keep it off the bottom. So in super shallow situations where I’m in a foot or two of water, I’ll have the clip on the last or next to last hole so that I can fish it a little slower while still keeping it off the bottom. And, like with the lipless in the fall, a 1/4-ounce bait is typically where I’ll start.