Biggest one on the Muse so far this year


 I’ve had a lot of fun with the Muse Swimbait rods from 13 Fishing. I’ve managed a handful of fish but so far my biggest from Kentucky Lake was just shy of 6 pounds this spring while casting along shady bluegill bed banks and around docks. You might have seen this shot in my Bucca’s Bull Gill review earlier this year. I was able to cast parallel to shore with pretty precise long roll casts and fishing it fast with erratic stops and twitches and got one big one to react around a bluegill bed. I caught some deep fish as well on soft swimbaits on heavy lead heads on this rod. But it was a bit heavy for 1-ounce swimbaits. But it was nice to throw bigger plastics on 2-ounce heads and fishing a lot faster with heavier heads deep. 

You can find the Muse Black Swimbait rods at and retailers that carry 13 Fishing rods and reels.