Big Bite Baits Pro Swimmer


Big Bite Baits have added two finesse-sizes to their Pro Swimmer repertoire, and it immediately caught the attention of several Midwest finesse anglers.

To assist us in publishing a Midwest Finesse gear guide about them, Scotty Petersen of Oakdale, Minnesota, who is Big Bite Baits’ media coordinator, sent us a few of the 2.8-inch and 3.3-inch Pro Swimmers.

Here is what we learned.

Because we are hard-headed finesse anglers, we opted to work with the smallest one. According to our measurements, when the 2.8-inch Pro Swimmer is measured along its dorsal area, it is 2 3/4 inches long. And when it is measured along its ventral area and the tip of its tail is fully extended, it is 3 1/4 inches long.

The head and predorsal area are somewhat dome-shaped. It is 1/4-inch long and 3/8-inch wide at its widest spot with a circumference of 1 1/16 inches. Its epidermis is smooth but the tip of the head is graced with a small indentation, which has a diameter of about 1/8-inch. This indentation is where Midwest finesse anglers will insert the hook and collar or hook keeper of a mushroom-style jig.

Two-and-three-sixteenths inches of Pro Swimmer’s body are encircled with 29 significant ribs.

The first 1 1/8 inches of its dorsal area is somewhat flat. It is endowed with a hook slot that is 15/16-inch long and slightly more than 1/16-inch wide. It is also graced with 16 ribs and thirteen of them are separated by the hook slot. At its widest spot, the dorsal is about 7/16-inch wide. This wide spot is situated from 5/16-inch to 13/16-inch from the tip of the head. The entire body at this spot has a circumference of about 1 5/8 inches. This 1 1/8-inch section and the head constitute the anterior portions of this Pro Swimmer.

The next inch of the dorsal area becomes slightly convex. Its width diminishes significantly, shrinking from a width of 1/4-inch to about 1/8-inch. It is endowed with 13 ribs. This 1-inch section and the tail or caudal are the Pro Swimmer’s posterior section.

Its entire ventral area is convex and 2 5/8 inches of it is embellished with 29 ribs. The ventral’s first 1 1/8 inches is adorned with 16 ribs and six of them are separated by a hook slot that is 7/16-inch long and about 1/16-inch wide.

The next 1 1/16 inches of the ventral, which is part of its posterior section, becomes vividly smaller. Anatomists describe this area of the posterior section as being the caudal peduncle.

The circumference of the body at ribs number one and two is 1 5/8 inches. At rib number 16, the circumference is 1 1/4 inches. At rib number 29, the circumference diminishes to 11/16-inch.

The final element of the posterior section is endowed with a thin and flat flange-like fixture and a tail. The flange’s dorsal is straight and 3/8-inch long with a thickness of 1/16-inch. The flange’s ventral is curved and about 3/4-inch long with a thickness of 1/16-inch. At the flange’s junction with rib number 29, it has a height of about 3/16-inch. The height at the flange’s junction with the tail is about 11/16-inch. The flange’s epidermis is smooth.

The flange is adorned with a paddle-like tail, which some anglers call a boot. It exhibits somewhat of the shape of a cordate leaf. From the top of the paddle to its bottom, which is called its major axis, it is 13/16-inch long. It is 3/4-inch wide at its widest spot. It is thin and about 1/16-inch thick. It has a circumference of about 2 5/8 inches. The epidermis is smooth.

Except for the two hook slots, the entire body is solid. It is buoyant and impregnated with a scent that is called Bite Juice.

It is available in the following hues: Albino, Baby Bass, Lavender Shad, Pearl, Pearl Shiner, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Shad, Silver Shiner, Smoky Gold/Clear Silver and Sunfish.

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