Big Bite Baits Hybrid Swimmer


The Hybrid Swimmer combines the benefits of a swimbait and minnow-style bait into one shape. The unique tail design provides a fork-tail minnow profile on the top half and a swimbait tail on the lower part. This gives anglers a realistic baitfish profile for their jigheads and allows them to still have the benefits of a paddle tail style swimmer. The reduced paddle tail design provides a more subtle swimming action than a traditional boot tail which is great for when a more finesse approach is required. This versatile design allows it to easily be vertically jigged or casted. The body design has been slimmed down from a traditional paddle style swimbait as well, so that it moves through the water more quickly and drops to your targeted species faster. It comes in lengths of 3.3″and 3.8″ packaged in a clam shell to insure it is always straight and the tails are protected. It is available in eight baitfish patterns to match any bait throughout the country.