Big bait to fit almost any budget


Considering many glide baits sell for hundreds of dollars, anytime one comes in under 50 bucks I personally deem it “affordable”. There are a few of these out there now and with the Hardcore Twitch’n Ninja Glider coming in at $39.99, it lands in that category. One thing to keep in mind when buying a glide bait, is that it’s an investment that will last.

Granted, that’s the argument I used to hear people make for the ones that cost $200 to $300 too. But in the case of $40 bucks, I believe this argument is a little more compelling. A $40 glide bait will last you a good bit longer than $40 worth of soft plastics or $40 worth of spinnerbaits or even a spool of $40 worth of line. So when you look at it like that, if you want to get into glide bait fishing, $40 is doable.