Best of the rest


I like the handle on the VLD 10 as well. I’m not a big fan of round knobs but instead prefer handles like these with a little flatter knob, or even handles with paddles; they’re just easier for me to grip and most importantly, not lose grip of when setting the hook. And the handle is again made of metal which means the reel is going to last me longer. So overall, a nice powerful handle goes a long way with me on a reel.

The VLD 10 also has 10 +1 ball bearings which create a really smooth experience when both casting and retrieving a bait. A nice high thumb bar is something else I like on a reel, which the VLD 10 has. And then I’m also a big fan of options in the gear ratio department; I rarely go very slow but do like to jump up to an 8:1 ratio. So having multiple options there is a big deal to me to, which again, the VLD 10 has.