4. Berkley Stunna 112+1

berkley stunna 112+

I will let you in on one of my jerkbait staples. I weight my jerkbaits pretty much all the time now. I have just found a lot more quality bass this time of year on the TVA in water deeper than 10 feet. And when I have sat and watched struggling shad during the winter die-off,  you see them pulse and dart and then fade slowly out of site. They don’t float to the top. The kick and dodge and then sink. And now with Livescope, I’m looking at fish 20 feet deep and working my jerkbaits down to their nose. I’ve showed this trick to several other fishermen who use it all the time now as well.

The Berkley Stunna 112+1 is already setup to slowly sink on the jerk and pause. I might add like a half a suspend strip to the bait to make it go a little faster. You don’t want it to sink too fast and fight the natural side to side action of the Stunna, which is really good. But I am really digging this new jerkbait this winter. I’ve been getting them pretty good already on Northern Lights color on sunny clear days.

And I have to say the EWG Fusion19 Hooks on these jerkbaits are freaky. They are the stickiest hooks I’ve ever messed with on a hard bait. Like the bait is hard to handle. I am constantly getting the hooks caught on my hand. They are like velcro. I have yet to lose a fish. I’ve caught bass, smallmouth and largemouth, crappie, white bass, yellow bass and bluegill on this bait. And you land all of those fish I believe because of those hooks. Something gets near it and they are stuck.