Berkley Frittside


Admittedly, I think I may be a little late to the party on this one. But there’s a good reason for that: I couldn’t find one to save my life during this past prespawn. A bunch of folks I know were catching the heck out of ’em on this flat-sided, finesse crankabit and by the time I got to search around for a few, they were sold out everywhere I looked. I live in the Southeast and it seemed like there was a big tournament won on this crankbait nearly every weekend.

Now that I’ve tracked down a few, I’m pretty pumped up. As the name implies, this series was designed by David Fritts. If you’re not a follower of professional bass fishing, he has been a cranking legend for decades and he actually designed this lure based on the crankbait that won him the 1993 Bassmaster Classic.

I love a flat-sided crankbait in the fall because they just seem to get a bunch of bites. The problem is, however, they don’t always cast that well because of their small sizes. The Berkley Frittside, however, was designed with a weight located on the chin-area of the lure. So while my buddies tell me it has the action of a balsa plug, it has the castability of a modern-day plastic crankbait.

When I’ll reach for it: Whenever the bass get on those shallow, secondary points chasing balls of shad, I’m definitely going to be trying the Frittside. For whatever reason, a small flat-sided crankbait tends to get a pile of bites for me when the shad finally make their way into the small bays and pockets.