Belly weights

split shot weight for bass fishing

Rigging a paddle-tail swimbait weedless and weightless is a great way to catch bass around shallow vegetation. Sometimes, however, you need to add a little weight to get the bait down or to help you be able to cast the bait a little farther.

There are lots of hook options out there these days that come with weights pre-molded onto the shaft of a hook. But if you don’t have any of these hooks and do have a handful of split-shot weights available, you can easily convert a standard Extra Wide Gap (EWG) hook or worm hook into a weighted hook by clamping a split shot or two onto the shaft of the hook.

Again, this works well for swimbaits, whether you’re fishing them around shallow vegetation or you want to fish them out in open water a bit and just need a little extra help getting the bait down a little deeper. You can also clamp these weights onto the shaft of a worm hook with a soft jerkbait or stick worm that’s otherwise rigged weightless and create an entirely different presentation there as well, as that bait falls belly first as opposed to say nose first like it would with a traditional Texas rig.