Behold… a pretty neat solution


I got a few Flambeau ZERUST MAX Crank Bank boxes last year for my crankbait addiction; they do a really nice job of keeping my favorite plugs secure and safe throughout the year. I had an empty one, however, just sitting on one of my shelves the other evening. 

The lightbulb clicked and I thought to myself, “If these dang compartments can fit some frogs in there, it’s game over.”

Sure enough, they fit. I’ve tinkered with them a bunch recently and here is what I’ve liked so much about storing my frogs in them. 

  • It holds a bunch of frogs: You can fit three of what I consider standard-sized frogs such as a SPRO Poppin’ Frog 60 in each cup. It has 24 cups, so that equals 72 frogs. If 72 frogs aren’t enough to hold you over for a day on the water… I’m not quite sure what to tell you. 
  • It fits larger frogs, too: The Terminator Walking Frogs are 3 inches long; I consider them a big frog for sure. As you can see in the photo, I have quite a few of these frogs in the Crank Bank. Each one takes up an entire cup but it still gives you the option to carry small, medium and large-sized frogs with you. 
  • Grab and go: I fish with a lot of buddies after work, especially now that it’s getting dark so late. I live close to a boat ramp so I’m always grabbing a few rods and a grocery sack to hop in the boat with a buddy for a few hours before dark. I’m the world’s worst at bringing too much stuff, though. For a few-hour fishing trip, there is absolutely no need for me to bring every frog pictured in this box. Instead, I can remove a few of the cups with my favorite frogs in ’em, throw them in my Bass Mafia Money Bag and I have what I need without having to junk up my buddy’s boat too much. Modular storage options like this allow you to accept those last-minute invitations much easier. 
  • Easy on the legs: The shape and design of these individual cups are nearly perfect for fitting your frogs’ legs without crimping them and sacrificing their on-the-water performance. The lid is also a bit concave which ensures the noses aren’t bent or damaged.