Beefy and effective components


The clip, lip, cheek plates and hooks are all quality components built to withstand big fish. This is good because it’s going to be a big fish bait in your arsenal. Sure, you’ll catch numbers on it too. But it has several characteristics compiled from different big fish baits, so you better be ready for that bite to come. The metal bill has the flash of a spinnerbait and the sound of a vibrating jig, while the lure itself has the wobble and profile of a squarebill, all packed into one bait.

The components with which I’ve been most impressed are the hooks. This thing has some serious gaffs on it. I’ve sworn by triple grip-style trebles for years on lipless crankbaits and squarebills and still do, but there is absolutely no reason to swap out these hooks. They are VMC Premium Hybrid Black Nickel Treble Hooks and they are bad to the bone. Not true round bends, with a slight curl inward near the point, these hooks are extremely effective.