Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and the bait


This last point is really kind of just a pet peeve of mine, but I’m the one reviewing the bait so I think it’s worth noting. One little bitty thing that frustrates me to no end is a massively recessed line tie in the mouth of a bait like this. Reason being, I’ll have 45 things in my boat capable of cutting line but can’t find anything within reach to snip the line off right at the line tie on some poppers.

The eyelet on the 3DB Series Popper sticks out far enough that you can cut your line with almost any set of pliers, not just side cutters or clippers. I know its a lot to ask a lure manufacturer to think about this when they work tirelessly to get the right action and balance out of a bait, but it is still a welcomed bonus that will keep me from having an OCD episode and wasting 20 minutes trying to pick that last little tag of line off the eye.